Transforming a Decentralized Network - The Journey to Supply Chain Excellence with SAP IBP

This presentation will focus on the journey of a decentralized network of companies to achieve Supply Chain Excellence, with particular emphasis on the introduction of SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP). The newly introduced framework includes a Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) process, which has its own set of challenges, including data accuracy, availability, and stakeholder management. The presentation will explore how SAP IBP was leveraged to improve the S&OP process, by optimizing planning, forecasting and enabling decision-making across the network. Finally, the presentation will discuss how the company overcame these challenges and set the standard for performance measurement and end-to-end visibility with KPIs.

  • Unpacking the Challenge: Introducing a New Framework for Supply Chain Excellence to a Network of Decentralized Companies
  • Introducing & Overcoming Challenges of IBP: Leveraging Advanced Planning Capabilities to Optimized Planning, Dealing Data Accuracy & Availability, Managing Multiple Stakeholders
  • Setting the Standard with KPIs: Measuring Supply Chain Performance and Driving End-to-End Visbility

Philipp Frick

Global Category Manager Supply Chain Excellence
Greiner Packaging International GmbH

Greiner AG | Greiner Packaging


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